Building websites

is what EzCons does best

websites development

We specialise in developing next-generation websites that help businesses to grow. All our sites are search engine optimised and validated according to international W3C standards. What's more, we can support you even after your site has been published.

How do we build a successful website?

  • We create a site custom designed to suit to your business and attract to visitors
  • Transform graphics, HTML \ XHTML and CSS, using new programming technologies to validate the generated code
  • Perform various tests, including online translation and SEO, to ensure optimal search engine placement
  • Add our Pliant content management system and graphics, allowing you to add new pages and edit existing content with ease
  • We create campaigns web marketing to turn site visitors into customers

How much does it cost to build a website?

While all our services have a cost, we can adapt our solutions to your needs and budget, by, for example, offering only the most vital services.

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