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Pliant is the new CMS (content management system) designed and built by EzCons.
It gives an unprecedented degree of flexibility to both basic and expert web users, making layout and content management accessible to all. The result is an easy to manage website packed full of features.

Why choose Pliant CMS?

> Ease of use: It 's simple and intuitive, intuitive and easy to upgrade.

> Unlimited additions: There's no limit to the additions to your site. You can add a new section or a new page at any time. Your site will remain completely scalable to meet all your needs.

> Instantaneous publishing!: Add articles, news and offers,and they will be live online in an instant.

> Media Manager: Enrich the pages of your site by adding photos, video and Flash content.

> Optimized for search engines.: With a complete and correct handling of URLs and metadata, your site will be more easily indexed by search engines.

> Security and Backups: Access to the control panel is password protected, while data is backed-up on our secure servers each night.

> Hosting: Secure hosting service for maximum security and continuous service. > Support: We offer a support service and are able to answer any questions and resolve any issues within 24 hours.

> Help: We offer a service Support able to answer any questions and resolve any issues the day! Try it and you'll be amazed at our speed.

> Extra: Compatibility for display on all browsers, visitor site maps and more, all validated according to international W3C standards.

What is CMS?

CMS means Content Management System. This is a web publishing program that allows anyone to manage a website, create or edit information and modify layouts in real time via a simple interface. No technical expertise is required, just a basic knowledge of web browsing and editing of texts, saving users money that would otherwise be spent on a devoted webmaster.

What technical skills require CMS?

One of the advantages of CMS is that it does not require any particular technical expertise, in fact it should not be a programmer just need to have a little knowledge with web browsing and editing of texts.

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