Tourism portal

Development of tourism website

Tourism portal Development of tourism website

Positano Life Style is a consortium born in 2009 in order to promote, organize and increase the tourism in Positano. The combination and synergy of Positano's tourist companies  help the country to have a reference on the internet.

The project

The website has been achieved with the use of Pliant CMS the content management system made entirely from EzCons.

The design simple and effective, as a whole is well structured, the colors chosen provide a perfect color match. All the contents are easily accessible through the two navigation menus.

The Customization of CMS Pliant has made possible the creation of the consortium divided by categories of activity, each member has access to a web page in the multilingual portal which summarizes the essential information, a Gallery camera, a simple form Contact and Map interactive.

The web pages are validated according to standard utilimi web programming dictated by the W3C.

Who is interested in the services offered can easily fill the contact form putting all the necessary information.

The photographic content has been provided by ArkimediaLab, while the texts were developed by the consortium.

Industry: Tourism

Publication Year: 2010


Some pictures of the website

tourism website
tourism website
tourism website

Development of tourism portals

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