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Development of photografer website

Photografer website Development of photografer website

Gianluigi Di Maio is a experienced photographer who does his job with passion and professionalism. Specialist and digital photography and film, innortala all the highlights of his travels.

The project

The website for photographer has been achieved with the use of Pliant CMS the content management system made entirely from EzCons.

The indication of design minimalist have been dictated by the customer or through the management of photographic content is totally independent of the inclusion of new material accompanied by descizioni photographic techniques.

The web pages are validated according to standard utilimi web programming dictated by the W3C.

Industry: Photographer

Publication Year: 2010


Some pictures of the website

Photografer website
Photografer website
Photografer website

Photografer website development

La EzCons specializes in the development of sites for photographer. The experience gained in this field enables us to provide the best tools to grow your business online for increase the requests to your services.

The web design combined with the development a solid platform Web provide the basis for a service reliable and professionalThe addition of our tools web marketing can advertise your business online increase traffic the site and especially increase sales services or products offered. You can also give visibility any deals with the campaigns targeted marketing anywhere.

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