1- Listen

how we build web site

We start by listening to your needs, your goals and aspirations, gathering the information you provide. This not only ensures that you get what you paid for, it also helps us to reduce production time.

During this process, we:
- analyse your site in detail (if exists)
- evaluate content and graphics (if any)
- identify and examine your competitors
- evaluate your existing brand

2- Designing


Before embarking on the creation of the layout and design of the site, we will work shoulder to shoulder collecting all the ideas to create a successful site, we will add all the technical features to provide a robust service and functional.
- Map of content
- architecture
- inspirations graphics

3- Create

Create web site

We have created a solid foundation laying the foundation in the first two steps, now we begin to give shape and life to your website.
- realize the concept of brainstorming, starting from the homepage
- Development of various types of layouts and styles to be used in the project

4- Building

building web site

We build your website with great attention to details , we ensure that the design makes your site easy to navigate and quick to load. Compliance with the standards W3C and optimizing specific pages according to keywords you provide a site with high potential to appear in searches through search engines.
- Use our CMS Pliant to give you full control for any updates
- The structure of your site will be optimized to ensure a smooth and streamlined organization.

5- Publish

publish a web site

When you're happy with the result and after verifying the proper functioning of all services we will launch your website in the world wide web.